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We are an international law firm, rendering professional
and outcome-oriented service in Turkey and 
Mediterranean Sea.

About Us

Akdemir Law Firm, based in Izmir/Turkey, is an international law firm, particularly specialised in commercial and shipping law, rendering an outcome-oriented service in Turkey and Mediterranean Sea.


We have an individual approach to our clients with our comprehensive legal knowledge and large-scale business network. We always try our best to come up with the practical solutions with a great awareness of the importance of utilising the expertise and knowledge of the local business.


Our main aim is to provide our clients with the fast and professional service in every fields of law. For more information please click here.

Practice Areas 


Akdemir Law Firm offers a wide-range of practice areas from shipping and trade law to taxation and criminal law in both consultancy and litigation with the comprehensive legal knowledge and business network.

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Official Member

November 27, 2019

Get ready for INCOTERMS 2020: What will it bring to us?

December 31, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: A new era dawned for commercial disputes under Turkish Law: Mandatory Mediation.

December 05, 2018

CLIENT ALERT: The condition that needs to submit independent auditor's report with the concordatum application is now either required for SMEs.

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